Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gimme your stuff

I found this amazing blog sometime in mid-December called Gimme Your Stuff. The idea behind it is cultural exchange, and being big on travel and foreign items, I think this is a perfect opportunity for me. Therefore, I added it to my list of 100 things to do in '08.
So here it goes.

As a teenager from Arizona, I can offer you the following:
- Arizona foods (Cactus Candy, Prickly Pear Jellies)
- Souvenirs from here
- Postcards
- Funky jewelry, accessories
- Pieces of American clothing
- Fashion magazines
- Photography
- University gear
- Music CD's of local bands
- An I Love NY t-shirt (For those out of the country, I only have a few.)
- A letter from me telling you why I picked what I did :p
I'm also open to requests. I'll do my best to find the item you want.

I'd like to receive some of the following:
- Magazines from your country
- Little pieces of art
- Scarves, tote bags
- Items unique to your area
- Jewelry, clothing
- Metal cardholder/cigarette case (I find those to be neat little things.)
- Small, glass snowglobes
- Music
- Panda stuff
- A letter from you
Those are the select items I'd like, however I'm open to pretty much anything. :D
& I'd prefer to swap with countries outside of North America.

If you'd like to swap just drop me a comment or e-mail.



Erdbeerchen said...

I just found out about Gimme your stuff a few days ago and I'm still looking for someone who is interested to do a swap.
I'm a 19 years old girl from Germany.
If you like to, write me a mail to and I'll tell you which things I can swap.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Nespouik said...

Hi!I just join Gimme your stuff and I want to ask you if you want to swap with me. I'm a french girl of 25 year old. You can see my post here: or contact me at


Nimologist said...

Just joined and cactus candies and jellies sound so amazing to me! I've never heard of them before! I can offer you some interesting things from England that I think you would like. I just started on Gimme Your Stuff but my blog is; and my email is I'd love to swap with you, let me know if you're interested,

Francesca said...

Hi, do you wanna swap with me? i come from Italy

sanjana said...


i don't know whether you are still swapping, but if you are would love to swap with you! i am sanjana from india and mail me at if you are interested.

take care,